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Humble name. What is it?

Co-produced by The Tank, New Light Theater Project, and Pocket Universe, I'm So Hot was a digital theater experience available for a limited time in 2021.

From Press: "In this interactive girly app-daptation of Marivaux’s La Dispute, a Prince captures hotties (like you) through a dating app to see who cheats first!! It’s like olden day French reality tv :p – where you can snap selfies and slide into DMs, too."

An app-daptation of Marivaux's 'La Dispute': a theater experience delivered via app, built on Adalo.

Engineered and designed by Vivian Belosky, directed by William Steinberger, and written by Catherine Weingarten.

It's an app-daptation of Marivaux's 'La Dispute', a French restoration romantic comedy in the vein of Coppola's "Marie Antoinette."

Instead of a velvet curtain, users peer behind their phone screens to be taken through the narrative: they meet fictional characters in our fake dating app, are privvy to their private conversations, and get to watch their video chats.

Going beyond a viewing experience, users get to create their own profile, comment on the goings on, DM with characters, and become part of the world themselves.


A selection of symbols designed to tie our digital world to baroque France.

The Rococo Sunnies
The Gloved Thumbs Up
Le Tears